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About us

Our Story

Finding high-quality, pregnancy-safe skincare products should be simple. At least, this is what our founder Alex thought throughout both of her pregnancies.

Immersed in ingredient lists, Alex found it unnecessarily difficult to discern what was safe for mums to be. Click after confusing click, the whole experience was rather dizzying – especially for someone with seemingly endless morning sickness. Surely, there was a single source of truth, an online retailer that would provide answers to her changing skincare needs with products easily delivered to her door.

A place that offered premium, safe skincare and beauty solutions she could shop quickly and easily, allowing her to care for her skin and indulge in her favourite self-care rituals (sheet mask, anyone?) with total confidence and peace-of-mind.

Realising this place didn’t exist, Alex decided to create it herself. And so, The Pregnancy Edit was born.

Now a busy mum of two, Alex has curated a range of premium pregnancy and breastfeeding safe beauty care products from some of Australia and New Zealand's best brands. We only partner with companies committed to ingredient transparency, the kind that only use high-quality ingredients, with no hidden nasties, limited fragrances and of course is 100% safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

All of the products available at The Pregnancy Edit deliver gentle and effective skin and self-care solutions that won’t harm your growing bub or bump.

We understand that pregnancy and postpartum can be a challenging and stressful stage of life. It's our mission to make motherhood just a little bit easier and more beautiful for every new and expectant mother and prove that nurturing a new life doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your own self-care.

We welcome you to The Pregnancy Edit.